Kaushali Creations Welcomes you!!!

Hello!! Glad you found me!
I once remember reading a quote “believe you can and you are half way there”, this is something that kept me going. Something that inspired me to hold on to what I wanted to do, stay determined.

A hobby that was just to keep me occupied during my free time gradually grew and became my passion, yes that became “KAUSHALI”. I hope “KAUSHALI” make you feel as buoyant and happy as it makes me feel. There is a small history to how we decided this name, even before the go desi (#makeinindia) (#golocal) mood had set in and I was looking to name my new found interest, there were many options I thought of but nothing really felt wow. A friend suggested this name and it portrayed talent, skill and sounded wonderful and cherished, so came the name.

We all love gifts and more so when we receive something that has been made just for us, don’t we? I personally love receiving them as much as I love making them. What began as a small effort to make handmade, unique gifts for friends and family is now growing and reaching out to more people. A moment to thank everyone who trusted “Kaushali” for its exclusive work. It is ecstatic feeling every time something special is hand crafted, made to order, packed and sent, I wish to do more of this and spread more joy.

It is also very special because this baby of mine shares its birthday month (or maybe I should say launch month) with my kiddos!!

Signing off for now!

Will see you again with some more chit chats soon.

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